PBL South Asia Network

PBL South Asia Network would serve as an anchor for fruitful engagement of partners to sustain problem-based learning

The PBL South Asia network right now is primarily visioned to be actively engaged in the countries of India, Nepal and Bhutan with a vision to spread it to other South Asian countries.

Genesis of the network

PBL South Asia network has its origins to ERASMUS+ funded project on Project Based Learning South Asia. The project was a multi-institutional project with participation from higher educational institutions of Europe and South Asia. Through the project, the partners felt the need for a sustained engagement among the universities that should go beyond the project duration for successful penetration of the PBL philosophy in the higher educational institutions of South Asia in order to reap the benefits of this novel approach to learning. The formation of network thus germinated as a result of this project. With a vision of mainstreaming PBL based pedagogy in Higher Educational Institutes of South Asia, the network’s main objective is to help educators, colleges and universities to imbibe the philosophy of PBL and implement in their curriculums. The network provides forum for the PBL enthusiasts to sustain their pedagogies and aim to help in providing resources to enable innovations in teaching

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The vision of the PBL South Asia network is to play an anchor role for sustained engagement of the partner universities in South Asian region to adopt and utilize Problem Based Learning philosophy in the pedagogy and learning among the higher education students in the region. 

The immediate objectives of the network would be 

  • To create a forum for the partner universities to collaborate and exchange ideas surrounding PBL
  • To conduct activities to introduce and strengthen the PBL based processes and ideas in the faculty of South Asian region

To create a sustained network of individuals/universities who would play a major role in percolation of PBL philosophy in the long run.


Facilitate and execute global sustainability projects in collaboration with multidisciplinary master’s programmes and courses to foster new settings for students to develop their capabilities in real-life environments.


Initiate and mobilize funding for new multidisciplinary research and innovation projects in the field of frugal and sustainable innovations, inclusive businesses, renewable energy, water and sanitation, ICT and digitalisation, new media and design thinking.


Engage academic and societal stakeholders to enable multicultural co-creation and a global network of sustainability practitioners.